Our Mission

To share God's word while keeping it simple; To give to others what is given to us every day: Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love.



Marti says, "My jewelry helps remind me to do the simple things and to share with others the Joy and Peace I have. My hope is that when you are wearing my jewelry and another person notices it, that it opens the door to share your FAITH in God! We are the only Bible that some people will ever read..."

Our Story

Marti Perkins Originals was established in 2003 under the name Boots Too Bags by Marti Perkins. After a trip to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV, Marti was inspired to begin creating purses by refurbishing old boots. Boots Too Bags was born from this inspiration, and the business began with hand-crafted, made-to-order Boot Purses. Due to the success of these boot purses, Boots Too Bags soon expanded to include t-shirts, jewelry, belt-buckles, accessories and artwork with many Blessings and Guidance from the Lord. 


After expanding beyond boot purses, Marti decided it was time to create a brand which could fully incorporate all of her creations. In 2009, Boots Too Bags became a collection exclusively for boot purses in the Marti Perkins Originals brand. With the support, love and advice of dear family and friends, Marti Perkins Originals has continued to grow.


Each piece by Marti Perkins Originals is inspired by blessings and God's work in the life of Marti Perkins and her family and friends. Each piece stands as a simple reminder of God's love and His message to His children. "Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ our Lord." (2 Timothy 1:2)


Stars such as Kimberly Schlapman, Reba McEntire, and Tina Wilkins wear and carry Marti Perkins Originals. Many Marti Perkins Originals were sold at the Trunk Show in New York (Saks Fifth Ave) during the CMA awards. However, Marti always says that her biggest honor comes from the friends and family who buy her creations and wear them to share the story of their faith.


Giving to others is of the utmost importance to Marti Perkins Originals, and we participate in different charitable projects. You can find information about these charitable projects here.

Our Team
Marti Perkins

Marti Perkins is a Native Texan who has lived in North Texas for the last 29 years. Marti has 27 years of sales and marketing experience, and a Fashion Merchandising degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. Marti has also completed graduate course work at The University of North Texas, and has been trained in the Lost Wax Technique for Bronze and Silver Jewelry.


Marti established Marti Perkins Originals under the name Boots Too Bags. She combined her passion for Jesus, jewelry, people and boots to create a unique line of cowboy boot purses. Her most recent and inspired work is represented in her sterling silver line which was added in 2009. With many blessings, guidance from the Lord, and the support of friends and family, her creations continue to expand. Marti now has merchandise in several upscale department stores and boutiques across the country.


Marti currently lives in Fredericksburg, Texas and where she is blessed to creatively share God’s word with others.

Displays Jewelry at Texas Heritage Vineyard on HWY 290

Hill Country Artisian on Main Street in Fredericksburg

Worrell Art Gallery in Santa Fe New ,Mexico

Private Trunk Shows

Family & Friends

Marti Perkins Originals would not have seen its current day success without the valued help of Marti Perkins’ family members and friends.


Marti Perkins’ daughter, Shelby, often helps set up for shows, make items and sell items. Her relationship with Marti is a constant reminder of Marti’s relationship with God and the unconditional love that He gives His children.


Marti’s father also began working with the Marti Perkins Originals team last year to help get orders out and keep the work spaces tidy. He is always looking for ways to help the business become more efficient and effective.


Marti’s mother has been an ongoing, strong source of sales by hosting open houses where Marti has sold her Jewelry. Marti’s mother also helped her get involved with the Ronald McDonald House “Girl’s Night Out” in Houston, TX.


Marti’s sister, Susan McGuire has become very involved in Marti Perkins Originals. Susan graduated from Texas Tech, and worked in the retail market for 12 years doing merchandising and product placement while her children were in school. Now that her children are in college, Susan works with Marti on Internet Sales and Marketing/Organization for Marti Perkins Originals.


In addition to family participation, Marti’s friends have come over for many different “Beading Parties” to help the Marti Perkins Originals team prepare for shows and other events.