School Color Boot Purses

Show your school spirit with one of our original, hand crafted, university color boot purses. If we don't carry a purse in your school colors already, consider ordering a custom boot purse in the design of your choosing.


Each purse is made of 1-2 boots (depending on the size). The portion of the boot used for the purse is from the ankle to the top. The bottom of the purse is made of high quality, light weight, durable birch wood. The boot material is attached to the bottom of the purse by hand-selected, decorative upholstery tacks and other crafting material. The purse strap(s) attach to the body of the purse by metal rings. The purse is clasped shut by a leather loop and a hand-selected, decorative concho. All decorative parts of the purse, including the upholstery tacks and concho, are chosen individually for each purse. This gives every boot purse a unique look and feel. 


All the straps are made with a flexible, stainless steel string core for strength and a lifetime of use. The beads, findings and clasps used for the strap are first quality semi-precious stones, gemstones and minerals from around the world. Marti shops markets across the U.S. and hand-picks each set of stones for every purse. The strap can be worn alone as a long, high-fashion necklace (or wrapped twice for a short necklace). The strap can also be worn as a belt

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