Custom Boot Purses


Custom boot purses are the highlight of the Boots Too Bags line, and it is our pleasure to create a piece to your specifications. Custom boot purses can compliment any outfit, complete any wardrobe, or tell a personal story. To order a custom boot purse, simply fill out the form below this text area, using the form instructions that appear below it.


Each purse has its own unique features and comes with a detachable strap that can serve multiple purposes. Using the instructions Marti gives you after placing an order, you send in your own boots for the purse. 


Each purse is made of 1-2 boots (depending on the size). The portion of the boot used for the purse is from the ankle to the top. The bottom of the purse is made of high quality, light weight, durable birch wood. The boot material is attached to the bottom of the purse by hand-selected, decorative upholstery tacks and other crafting material. The purse strap(s) attach to the body of the purse by metal rings. The purse is clasped shut by a leather loop and a hand-selected, decorative concho. All decorative parts of the purse, including the upholstery tacks and concho, are chosen individually for each purse. This gives every boot purse a unique look and feel. 


All the straps are made with a flexible, stainless steel string core for strength and a lifetime of use. The beads, findings and clasps used for the strap are first quality semi-precious stones, gemstones and minerals from around the world. Marti shops markets across the U.S. and hand-picks each set of stones for every purse. The strap can be worn alone as a long, high-fashion necklace (or wrapped twice for a short necklace). The strap can also be worn as a belt.


To order your own Custom Boot Purse, simply fill out the form below and click "Submit". In order to fill out the form correctly, be sure to reference the Form Instructions, which can be found below the Custom Boot Purse Order Form. 

Form Instructions:

In order for us to complete your order correctly, it is very important for you to closely follow the form instructions below for each field.



1) Name: In this field, please indicate your first and last names.


2) Email: In this field, please indicate your email address.


3) Phone Number: In this field, please indicate the phone number where you are easiest to reach. Please double check that your phone number is written correctly.


4) Mailing Address: In this field, please indicate the street number and name of your mailing address.


5) Apt/Suite #: In this field, please indicate your apartment or suite number. If you have no apartment or suite number, you can leave this field blank.


6) City: In this field, please indicate the city of your mailing address.


7) State/Territory: In this field, select your state or territory. The 50 state abreviations are listed first, followed by the full names of US territories and commonwealths we ship to.


8) Postal Code: In this field, please indicate the postal code of your mailing address.


9) What Size Purse?: In this field, click on the circle that matches the size of purse you would like to order. You can choose between Single, which is made from a single boot (example here) or Double Wide, which is made from two matching boots (example here).


10) What Colors Do You Wear The Most?: In this field, please indicate the colors you commonly wear. This helps Marti select colors and accents for your purse. For example, if you would like the purse to match your dark brown shoes, you would write the words "dark brown" here.


11) Strap Color Options: In this field, you should indicate if you would like a monochromatic (single color) or multicolored strap. A monochromatic strap will have colors chosen for you based on your response to #10 and #12. A multicolored strap is one that you choose the colors for. 


12) If You Chose Monochromatic (Single Color) Strap: In this field, you select if you would like to have your strap match the color of the boot(s), or if you would like your strap to be an accent color. You only need to fill out this section if you chose a monochromatic (single color) strap.


13) If You Chose Multicolored Strap: In this field, you will select 3-5 colors that you would like on your purse strap. You may not choose less than 3 or more than 5 colors. You only need to fill out this section if you chose a multicolored strap.


14) Additional Strap Options: In this field, you can select various strap options. Please note that all double wide purses come with two straps, and a single wide purse comes with one strap unless you select a different option. A single strap (standard) is a single strap, beaded according to your color preferences. A single strap with turquoise accents is a single strap, beaded according to your color preferences with turquoise stone accents added. A single strap with a full turquoise string is a strap that will be fully made of turqoise stones (color options will not apply). A double strap (standard) is two straps. One strap will be monochromatic (single color), and one strap will be multicolored. If you choose to get two straps on a single wide purse or you are getting a double wide purse, please fill out both #12 and #13. A double strap with turquoise accents is the same as a double strap (standard) but with turquoise stone accents on both straps. A double strap with full turquoise strings is two straps fully made of turquoise stones (color options will not apply). If you are confused about this section, select what you think best applies to your order and then confer with Marti when she contacts you.


15) Submit: After you have completed the form and double checked it for correctness, click "Submit".