The Imidido Project


The mission of the Imidido Project is "To transform hearts by providing education, treatment and medical supplies for those suffering from Podoconiosis (Lymphedema) in Rwanda, Africa." The word "Imidido", which means "swelling" in their native language, is descriptive of the ailment which can cause immense, painful swelling of different body parts such as legs and feet. This condition is also known as "Elephantiasis".


After hearing about the Imidido Project through a friend, Marti became interested in learning more about their cause. After seeing her daughter become involved in the project, Marti opened her heart to it and started directly participating in the fundraising.


All profits from the pieces on this page will be sent directly to the Imidido Project through their website. For more information about the Imidido Project, or how you can become involved, click here.



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