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Charitable Work


Marti Perkins Originals began participating in charity projects because Marti believes that it is of the utmost importance to give to others. Marti has always felt blessed by the things she is given, and she believes that it is important to pass on those gifts by giving to others and in turn being a blessing to them.


Marti says that God blesses people with different talents. Some are good at serving, while others excel at helping or sharing His word. These talents can become your purpose, and Marti believes that it is her purpose in life to give to others. As a reflection of this purpose that God has given her, Marti has taken the Marti Perkins Originals brand in a direction that will allow her to give even more to those who need it.

The Imidido Project

As the inaugural project for the new Marti Perkins Originals eCommerce store, we proudly present our participation in the Imidido Project. To learn more about our involvement in this project, and how you can contribute, click "Shop" to the left.

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