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Mother's Day (Joy & Hope)

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, I would like to celebrate Mother's Day by reflecting on the immense Joy and Hope I find through motherhood.

Joy comes in the morning. It is a reminder to

me that though the birthing of a child is painful, the Joy you find in holding your child causes you to forget the pain. True happiness and contentment cannot come from the things of this world. Blessedness of true Joy is a free gift from God in the form of his blessings (such as the children he sends us).

Hope keeps you spiritually alive during dark times of adversity. "We obtain hope through promise in God's word." (Romans 15:41) A mother never gives up hope in her children, just as God never gives up His hope in us. He provides us with endless Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love.

Enjoy many blessings this Mother's Day with your friends and family!

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