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Reba McEntire Wearing Ageless by Marti Perkins Originals

While attending a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Clark Perkins and friend Bill Worrell, Marti had the oppurtunity to visit with Reba McEntire, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn after the show.

Reba previously purchased one of Marti's custom boot purses (Which Reba says she LOVES, of course), and during this visit Marti gave her one of the newest pieces from the Ageless collection. The Ageless necklace that Marti gave her included Tina Wilkins' CD featuring the song "Ageless", in hopes that Reba might share the song with others who need to hear that beauty is on the inside and that the Spirit of God can shine through you at any age. With God by your side, you can do anything at any time because he does not look at age as simply a number.

Marti says that it was "wonderful meeting Reba, she is a normal person like us all with gifts and talents she is using to help others. Our gifts are important to use to share God's love with others, because God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary work for him."

While Marti is so happy to see celebrities such as Reba McEntire wearing her pieces, as always, it is most special to her to see her friends and family using her jewelry and accessories to share their faith with others.

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